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You’ve realized that to survive as an organization, you need to adapt – the question is how.

We enable you to not only survive, but thrive in an increasingly digitized world.

What we do

"Software is eating the world." -Marc Andreessen

Put simply, you have two choices with this wave of Information Technology (IT):

be engulfed by it and drown
ride it and lead in your industry

We empower you to do exactly that

How We Do It

At Keen Insight we believe challenges that are worth tackling, deserve a methodical, and proven approach.

Our main approach can be divided into the following steps:

Identify the current state of business (practices)Identify the future state of business (practices) in light of relevant new technologyDetermine the gaps worth solvingApply root cause analysis on these gapsExplore existing & custom solutions to these gapsAdvice on solution direction(help to) Implement the chosen solution(help set-up) Monitoring performance of solution

Not part of a single step, but integral to how we work:

Regular communication, transparent sharing of insights, budget, next steps and any hiccups.

Gap Analysis (Current vs Future States)

After this first stage we define the gaps that are worth solving in your business.

Specifically we provide insight into the current state versus a (desired) future state of your business (departments, solutions, practices, etc.) as it relates to expected future technological developments (in your industry).

A small highlight of the area's we cover:
directly competing technological solutions,indirectly competing technological solutions,competitive advantages of your business vs others in your industry, based on unique use of specific (innovative) technology,sleeping (not widely used) but potentially highly impactful technological changes.

Root Cause Analysis

Before any possible solution can be identified, it first needs to be clear what the underlying cause is for the existence of a particular gap/problem.

We do that by determining the root cause of a problem using, among other things, the following (thinking) tools and techniques:
quantitative and qualitative (data) analysis,reasoning from first principles,applying models on business processes and it's industry.
In short, asking "why" in a lot of different ways.

Explore Solutions

Knowing the problem (gap) to solve for in detail, we can then focus on exploring the solution space.

With our extensive domain knowledge and a wide ranging expertise we focus first on existing solution(s) (providers).
If these can be applied, all the better.

If that's not an option, then we try to combine existing and new technology as a solution that fits your desired outcome.

When no solution exists we research the possibility of a custom solution (direction).

In all cases we deliver a thoroughly researched solution direction and a 'go no-go' advice.

Implementation & Monitoring

When the solution direction has been decided we can implement it for you (if it is not part of your core business) or help manage the implementation process for you.

After implementation it is of the utmost importance to keep monitoring the performance of the solution (progress).

To stay on top of the solution that is needed to 'fill-the-gap', we provide continuous health checks, follow-ups, data-driven analysis and the possibility of Q&A's.

Some of Our Clients

About Keen Insight

Jibran el Bazi, Founder

Bringing about actual change, pointed in the right direction, is hard. Really, really hard.

Having had direct experience seeing companies, big and small, struggle to find the right direction and solution, it naturally followed for Jibran to start Keen Insight.

Since from the outside, as an advisor, it's oftentimes easier to objectively look inside a company and its processes.

When doing that, we can start from the correct assumptions, take the real underlying need of a business and use a well-tested process, to help businesses thrive while overcoming their (technological) challenges.

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